About Ginny King

A dedicated racer and promoter, Ginny King has the stripes to prove her merit in the cycling scene – literally. A 3x masters national criterium champion, the stars and stripes on her jersey are a significant reminder of Ginny’s dedication to the sport.

A racer for 15 years and a promoter for 10, she has raced on both the state and national levels, but her heart is at the local level; as a promoter, she is able to share her love for the sport with racers of all levels, including highly competitive, elite racers all the way to up-and-coming juniors. She is a proponent of growing the sport by encouraging new riders as well as helping introduce women to cycling through clinics and group rides.

Ginny’s weekly race series, held on Thursday nights from March to September in Dallas under the King Racing Group name, is recognized as one of the most challenging and exciting races in the state. She worked with longtime friends Randy Eller and Jim Byrd at the famous “Tuesday Nighter” crit race for many years before starting her own series. Her strength on the bicycle is demonstrated as she races with men in the top “A” race, one of only a few women in the area able to hang with the boys as they race at speeds up to 30 mph.

A native of New Mexico, Ginny previously raced jet skis/dirt bikes and when she’s not pedaling a bike, you can usually spot her on her Grom. Currently a resident of Dallas, where she lives with her two dogs, Ginny is a prominent member of the Texas bicycling community and is always looking for ways to help promote and grow the sport she loves.

Ginny is sponsored by Bicycles Plus, Castelli and ENVE and rides Alchemy bikes.


King Racing Group

One of the top cycling promoters in the state of Texas, King Racing Group (KRG) is known for putting on some of the fastest, most competitive races in the state. KRG’s first race was held in 2011 with a small race in Sunnyvale, and in 2012 moved to the famous Fair Park venue in Dallas where the well-known Thursday Night Criterium is held each week from March through September, drawing consistent crowds and an average of more than 300 elite and novice amateur racers each week.

The King Racing Group team continues to work hard to help grow the sport as they promote various bike races throughout the year, including state criterium championships, cyclocross races, introductory clinics, and other events.

Led by 3x national Masters criterium champion Ginny King, KRG is a well-respected promoter putting safety first and focuses on outreach and growing the sport of cycling, working with USA Cycling to both govern and insure the race environment at each and every event held by KRG. The goal of King Racing Group is to hold highly-competitive, yet welcoming and family-friendly bicycle races in unique venues with a festive atmosphere, working closely with Bicycles Plus, the City of Dallas, and USAC to help grow and promote cycling.